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Why register your donkeys?


Donkeys and mules come in many different sizes, colours and origins. One of the reasons for having a registration record of the animals in Australia is to identify these differences and origins.

In recent years, we have seen the importation of different breed types: Mammoth, Irish, English and Miniature, to name a few. We also have many “teamster” or “bush” donkeys that were the backbone of our rural societies in days gone by.

In much the same way as a dog or cat microchip works, registration identifies individual animals which reduces conflicts of ownership and allows animals to be identified in the case of that animal being lost, particularly during natural disasters such as floods, fires and storms.

It is not solely for breeders. It is just as important for paddock pets, often of unknown parentage, to be registered on the Affiliated Donkey Societies of Australia (ADSA) database to keep track of the animals, see what types are being kept and the origins of the animals.

It’s crucial in building up a picture of the national donkey herd.


How to register

If you haven’t registered your donkey or mule, why not consider doing so?

If you require a registration form, or a copy of the registration rules, contact:

Kerrie Haynes-Lovell  

0416 167 453


Alternatively, the form and rules are available on the ADSA website –

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